Gifts for Chefs

We Have Gifts for Chefs!

Finding gifts for Chefs can be a little daunting because much of the gear can be expensive (such as good knives), or they already have most of the gear they need. Here are some cool things which will capture a Chef’s eye and put a smile on their face. Unusual gifts for cooks who create stunning plate presentations could include plating tweezers, a set of the Mercer Culinary Silicone Plating Brushes┬á or Mercer Culinary Silicone 8 Piece Plating Wedge Set.

Kitchen themed posters also make great gifts for chefs. For instance, some of the ones below follow the themes of “chefs life” and “mise en place” which are both very important concepts in the professional kitchen. Proper mise en place is pretty much a foundational philosophy in any good kitchen and since these are our own unique design they make the perfect gift for the chef or cook who has everything. They are available in various sizes and can be purchases with or without a frame.

Love the Chef’s Life poster
$9 – $16
poster gifts for chefs
mise en place – Ethos
$32 – $79
gifts for cooks
mise en place – Murphy’s Law
$9 – $21

Small gifts for Chefs include gear like pin bone tweezers (for removing salmon bones) or a variety of plating tweezers. Often, these are tools which chefs & cooks think are cool, but which they haven’t purchased for themselves. A quality paring knife is another great gift because many cooks invest in an expensive Chef Knife but don’t spend the money on a good paring knife. Kunz plating spoons (sauce spoons) are another tool which many cooks would like to have but which they haven’t purchased for themselves.

If you really want to get that expensive prized gift for the chef in your life, then coveted gear includes a quality Chef’s Knife such as a Shun, a Bob Kramer, Miyabi, MAC, or Wusthof just to name a few. But if you plan to purchase a knife for someone else, try to find out if they have a favorite brand, and whether they want an 8″ or 10″ (most people use an 8″).

Other high end gear includes Kitchen Aide Mixers, VitaMix Bar Blenders (awesome for the perfect puree!), or a Marcato 8320 Atlas Pasta Machine. Oh the fabulous meals that can be imagined with this kind of equipment to use!